History of fashion trends


It is a known fact that beauty and fashion can’t be separated from each other. They are highly associated with each other. When it comes to achieving a beautiful and attractive look, we aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of fashion. Everyone, including men, women and even children prefer to dress up keeping the latest fashion in mind. Following fashion trend is the first point on which you need to concentrate on if you want to adorn yourself with stylish and eye-catching outfits.
Here, one point should be noted that fashion is like a constant stream that takes different turns and shapes according to time and situation. Do you want to know about the origin of fashion? If yes, then you must unveil the history of fashion trends.

Fashion during World War I & II

Word War is certainly the most crucial period of human history that affected every walk of life. Fashion can’t be an exception. During the World War I, women had no as much freedom as today, so they were tended to follow men-created rules in terms of fashion.

Since the economy was shaken due to the extravagant war expenses, people had no money to invest on fashion. This is the period when the military started recruiting men and women. Since they were required to fight, they (both men and women) needed flexible dressing. During World War II, women started wearing trousers. However, some critics believe that trousers had been in vogue before World War II, but there is no proper evidence available regarding this claim.

Hollywood – The Golden Era of 70s

While observing the available history of fashion, we’ve noticed that Hollywood altered the human perception of fashion irrespective of sex. This is the main reason many fashion experts consider 70s as the best time in terms of fashion. The golden era of 70s witnessed lots of experiments in terms of style, whether for men or women.
It is a fact that even today this period affects the world fashion. Many top fashion designers often create dresses using the fashion ideas of 70s. It is the time when the world started recognizing the craze of jeans among youth. Needless to say, dresses made of jeans are considered as the best fashion choice these days.

The Contemporary Fashion-Era

During 80s, the fashion world witnessed lots of changes in the industry. With the advent of modern technologies, especially the internet, it has become quite easy to know about the latest fashion.

Moreover, the world cinema has certainly played the crucial role in altering the perception of contemporary individuals. The biggest change that we can conclude during the 90s is the revolution of several top-notch brands or fashion premises in the world.

Multinational companies with the help of latest technologies became able to create new fashion trends. Having gone through the entire history of fashion trends, we can conclude that from 80s to present, the fashion world has seen lots of changes.

There was a time when people required visiting a local shop to choose a dress, but now with the advent of the internet, anyone can choose a desired outfit even from the comfort of home.

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